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I’ve been a part of RaveX for about a year and a half now. I’ve worked events and have really gotten to know most of the staff and the owners. RaveX is more than just a store for motorsports parts- it’s a family based company and it brings together people’s love for the outdoors, whether that be snowmobiling, dirtbiking, etc. I was raised behind the bars of a snowmobile, operating a full sized one by the time I was four years old. It was my father’s passion, and when he passed away I got ownership of his 1998 Formula III Ski-doo 700. It’s the only piece I have left of him, and man can that thing rip up some fields! Whenever I ride my sled I smile ear to ear, and I hope everyone can find that happiness somewhere! 

Being Miss. RaveX 2018 would be an honor. I found out about the Miss. RaveX model search when I was 15, and I remember being SO excited when I was finally old enough to enter. I think I would be a good Miss. RaveX 2018 because of my love for the outdoors, snowmobiling, and my love for helping local businesses grow. Being Miss. RaveX isn’t about which girl can show the most skin, or who has the newest sled/dirtbike. Being Miss. RaveX means spreading the love of motorsports to all ages, and promoting a brand that is loved by all ages. Who better to represent RaveX than a Maine girl who has worked behind the scenes, and has a passion for snowmobiling and speed? Being a positive influence, showing support on and off of social media, and promoting what a great company RaveX Motorsports is, are just a few of the reasons why I would love to represent RaveX and their team. Thank you for your time!

Thirteen years ago I lost someone irreplaceable, but gained something that very few are fortunate enough to have; a guardian angel and my Father’s 1998 Skidoo Formula III 700. It doesn’t fill an ounce of the void that was left when I lost him, however it makes me look forward to the winter months in Maine so much more than others who may be dreading them.  While there are so many stresses and worries in our world on top of the cold snowy months, I can leave the rest of the world behind and find peace in a little throttle therapy, just like my dad used to. Riding has been such a huge part of my life, even before I was left my Dad's Skidoo, and I’ve done my very best to continue doing just that.

I've been riding since I was two years old, traveling from our family camp in Jackman to Canada with my dad. Despite being a Daddy’s girl however, I’ve also had a passion for modeling and a dream of becoming the icon for a brand I have just as much passion for. I’m not sure if at fifteen years old he would’ve approved of me wanting to be Miss RaveX, but I know now being three years later he would be so excited to see me compete. Becoming Miss RaveX 2017 would mean the world to me in more ways than I could even begin to explain. I couldn’t imagine anything better than becoming someone who gets to promote such a well known brand like RaveX and their incredibly talented team. 

I really do appreciate the opportunity that the other girls and I have to compete. The experience of being able to enter is already so much fun and competitive in itself; I couldn’t be more thankful to be able to say that I'm in the running, let alone if I come out on top and become the next Miss RaveX. Thank you so much for your consideration and time!