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Hey there! My Name is Kayla. I am 24 years old and have been a Maine resident since birth. I grew up surrounded by people with a passion for the outdoors. I was born with a gun in my hand and a helmet on my head! My father being an amazing outdoorsmen taught my sister and I how to shoot at a young age.. and put us on our very own quad as soon as we were big enough to handle it. From there we learned to love hunting, fishing, and riding just as much as he does. At our farm where I grew up we would ride around all day and if I got bored with that I could just ride over to our "shooting shack" and practice my aim. My mother isn't much on hunting so she steered us more towards motorsports as much as she possibly could. She brought me to my first race where I fell deeply in love with this lifestyle. Watching her travel south to race for team Kawasaki for years as a child is a memory I will never forget. Growing up with such a love for this industry has brought me to RaveX where I fell in love with the brand. My background in promotional modeling gave me the courage to become a RaveX girl a few years back and I have loved it ever since! I am so proud to be able to help promote such an amazing Maine raised company and I am so thankful for all of the love and support I have received because of it! RaveX is king and I am behind all who represent it 100%