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Jessica B.

Hey Rave X,

 My name is Jessica Brady! I’m interested in entering the 2018 Rave X girl contest this year for quite a few different reasons. This is my second year entering the contest. I’ve never done any type of promotional style modeling but I’ve definitely done print modeling. I’ve been a cover model as well as had features done for a couple of local magazines. I’ve always shared a passion for photography whether it be in front or behind the camera. Promotion modeling has always interested me but that being something I’ve never done before, I lacked the knowledge of where to begin as well as the do’s and don’ts of that particular field. Being a representative for RaveX would definitely be a great place to begin.
I’ve always shared a passion for motorsports.  Growing up being one of 6 children, we weren’t as privileged when it came to owning motorsports as some families have been, but the few times I got to enjoy riding snowmobiles, four wheelers or a ride on the back of a motorcycle I’ve always loved it! There’s just something about motors, speed and adrenaline that I myself and I’m sure others can’t get enough of!
 My Boyfriend, Brian, is already a huge supporter of Rave X himself.  Giving me more of an opportunity to be involved in the motorsports lifestyle. It’s nice to have finally met someone that shares the same passion for this kind of thing as I do. This makes life a lot more enjoyable and meaningful.
 Being a mother of two has completely changed my life, and the way I see things. Between my boyfriend, Brian and I; we are raising the kids to share the same passion. Hands on activities, whether it being riding and/or fixing something is far more important to us. Teaching them determination and hard work can pay off in the long run of things is more of a valuable lesson to be had. We would rather spend quality time making memories with the kids and Rave X being around makes this so much more convenient for us to do so.
Being from a family that owns a small local business, I’ve learned the ins and outs of all of it. I am a 100% supportive when it comes to locally owned small businesses. I’ve witnessed and took part in the struggle as well as the successes of keeping a small business a float, and it surely is not easy. Giving my money to people who are just trying to make a living doing something they love every day is far more important to me.
Being a customer myself, Rave X has always been very knowledgeable, Friendly and efficient and convenient. It’s nice having a local company close by that I can confide in when having questions on products before purchasing them.
 As a Rave X contestant, what this all breaks down to is, being a promo model for Rave X would be quite an accomplishment and honor. I feel as though I am someone that could represent this company very well. Being someone who is down to earth, family oriented and with a similar background, I feel a though I could be a great addition to the team. Although the Rave X contest is more catered around women models, sharing this with my family would be a great experience.