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Having a decent following on social media isn’t important, what matters is how you use that following. Without being sponsored by any company, I post pictures nearly every day and there are multiple ways I could incorporate the brand and company in my every day life. I’ve always been adventurous and fearless, which is my motivation to become an EMT within the next few months. My outgoing personality would be a great asset to the Rave X team, and would be a huge help in promoting the company online, on social media, every day, or at events. I have been working in customer service jobs since I was 15, and have always had a passion for people and keeping them happy. I could combine my motivation towards people with my passion for powersports to get people interested in the company and what it has to offer. Having edge and being tough is also important and grabs a lot of attention, hence my scars from riding and the fact that I will be an EMT this winter! The life of motorsport athletes is the major idea that the company seems to revolve around, and being surrounded by so many riders in my family, like Terry the tiger from the early Fresh movies, has taught me a lot about the lifestyle. I could also contribute to the vibe that the people behind the company give off. I could show the close friends/family business welcoming feeling by being present at every event. As Miss Rave X or not, promoting for this company would be a huge passion for me. By using what I know and from what I can learn, I could do anything as the spokes woman for Rave X to promote this amazing company and show everyone how Maine girls do it!