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Brooke Barron

Brooke Barron

I have dreamed of representing RaveX since the Miss RaveX model search began. I believe that I am at a point in my life now where I am ready to make that dream a reality and to expand my experience in the promotional industry.
I believe that I am a perfect fit for RaveX because of my skills and passion for the industry. Aside from modeling, I have a deep love for the outdoors and everything that goes along with it. Having lived on a farm in a small town for the entirety of my life, I have experienced the outdoors more than most. On the weekends we head up to Northern New Hampshire to ride our four wheelers, but my passion above all other things is snowmobiling. When I was 3 my dad put me on my first sled and I've been in love ever since. I spend the fall months praying for snow and as soon as the ground is are I'm riding.

Instagram: @8r00klynxx


603 Diesels (2017)
Brand Rep/ Admin
In 2017 I was recruited by the president of 603 Diesels, the
largest diesel group in New England, to represent products
on their website after I was discovered via Instagram. During my time at 603 Diesels thus far I have joined the head crew members in recording a commercial for their 2018 calendars, interacted with countless customers, and worked in the merchandise tent at many events. I am also responsible for posting eye catching photos on instagram in order to grow our page and ultimately the business. I feel my experience could be an asset to the RaveX team if I was awarded the opportunity to represent you.

Skills and Abilities

Outgoing and Approachable
- I am an outgoing and approachable person who works well with others. I have a love for advertising and modeling and my bubbly personality allows me to feel comfortable speaking with strangers about the benefits of any product I am told to promote.
Communication and Problem Solving
- I have strong communication and problem solving skills that aid in teamwork
and collaboration as well selling products. During my first video with 603 Diesels, I coordinated my lines with the other crew members', resulting in a strong promotional video.
Punctual and Reliable
- I am punctual and can be relied on. I have never been late to a job and work is
my first priority. I take my work seriously and am aware of what is expected of me.

- I am motivated and aim to please both customers and employers alike. I strive to go above and beyond people’s expectations.
Personal Connection
- In addition to professional traits that I possess, I have a personal connection to
the industry in which RaveX operates. I believe I can communicate well with customers because I have been a RaveX customer myself for years. I have a personable and casual vibe that I think customers would appreciate and connect with. I would love to use my experience and personality to help RaveX reach more customers and grow as a company.


Plymouth State University (2017–2021)Plymouth, NH Marketing
I am a commuter student at Plymouth State University. Being a commuter is convenient for various reasons but the biggest reason being work. I am flexible and reliable when it comes to scheduling but I do take my education extremely seriously. I have excelled all throughout high school and my college experience thus far because I know that a marketing degree, strong grades and experience will get me where I want to be in my career and ultimately in life.


Outside of work I love to have fun and meet new people. I spend most of my time outside working on the farm or participating in various motorsports. I advertise my love for snowmobiling and four wheeling heavily because it is a part of who am. I was discovered by 603 Diesels because of my love for diesel trucks and racing and I hope that Dave Carlberg and Ralph Gallagher will see the same potential in me and award me the opportunity to be Miss RaveX 2018. Thank you so much for your consideration