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Bailey F.

Going for a ride is always a sure fire way to put adrenaline in my veins, my mind at ease, and a smile on my face. Whether it be on the four wheeler, dirt bike, ranger or anything really. I’m Bailey Fultz, I’m 22 years old and mother to an amazing two year old son. 

      In a one-track minded world, I want to show my son that you can do it all. You don’t have to pick one thing and spend all your energy in that area only. There’s no limit to the things you can learn and accomplish each day. If you want something, make moves and go for it. 

      Living in Northern Minnesota, snowmobiling is one of the best (and most fun) ways to take advantage of the snow. Come spring time, all that melting snow makes tons of mud, which is something that always gets my thumb twitching! Growing up on a farm, I spent the majority of my time being active outside. I live on a smaller piece of land now with my boyfriend and son. With 40 acres of woods and nice trails, spending time outdoors is something we enjoy daily. 

      More often than not, you’ll find me smiling. I’m outgoing and adventurous, lighthearted and genuine. In the past two years, I’ve hit my all time low, turned things around, and have been on an all time high. I decided to seize each day, live in the moment, do things that make me happy and get back to who I am- a girl who loves to laugh and meet new people, explore new places, try new things, and push myself to be better every day. I believe I would be a great representation of Rave X Motorsports with my energetic, live in the now, and love what you do attitude. 

Thank you for your time and consideration,