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RAVE X is a multifaceted company that has a retail store in Maine, and online at  We are also the creative team behind the Outer Limits Tour, which is a power sports freestyle show.  We have booked shows all around the Unites States, these shows include but are not limited to snowmobiles, atv's and dirtbikes performing aerial stunts off or a steel ramp. For more information on these shows please click the Outer Limits tour logo on this page, or click here



Rave X was started in 2005 by Dave Carlberg, Ralph Gallagher and Travis Philpot.  We wanted to create a fun, non sales, atmosphere where we could discuss snowmobiling year round, even when it was eighty degrees outside.  Our goal was to carry brands that were not readily available in the northeast at the time plus grow the genre of freestyle riding in places that have never seen or heard of ramping snowmobiles.

Without a retail store, we started to order products from vendors and set them up in Dave’s basement.  We had a few vendors like Troy Lee Designs that would set us up as a vendor without a physical location.  Our first paying customer was Jared Landers.  He came to Dave’s house and bought a bunch of tee shirts.  This helped us get motivated to hit the streets and find a retail location.  After much looking we opened our first location at 13 Main St. in Gray, Maine.  We outgrew that location within one year.

In 2006 we moved down the street to 61 Portland Rd. in Gray where we stayed for three more years.  The location and town were wonderful; however we were not getting much walk in business.  We needed to rely on advertising to drive people our way which was not cost effective.  We needed to do something different to gain some more foot traffic.

In 2008 we started selling casual wear and gear at a small kiosk in the center of the Maine Mall.  That location worked out wonderfully and we soon realized that it was not much more money to upgrade to an in-line store. 

The old Spencer’s location became available so we quickly jumped on that opportunity and opened the doors to Rave X’s first Mall location in May 2008.  We all split our time between the two locations and really started to gain some serious headway despite the crashing economy.  At this point, with the crazy retail traffic at the Maine Mall the Rave X Facebook page and email list grew immensely. 

With the success of the mall location, we decided to investigate some other malls.  In 2009 they traded out the Gray location for an in-line store at the FoxRun mall in Newington, New Hampshire.  Unfortunately, the business was not what we had expected and, due to lack of revenue, we needed to shut those doors in just one year.

Now, as we work hard to make up for the hole that the Newington store created we get more and more stoked with the rise of loyal customers and fans.  People have been traveling from all over to patronize our store, internet orders are flooding in daily and we have diversified with the our new creation; the Outer Limits Freestyle Tour. 

As a back up plan, in 2009 we decided to take our love for the sport to the next level and organize a traveling freestyle show called the Outer Limits Tour to help spread the word and generate some more funds.  Little did we expect, the shows became a huge success.  This has led to a nationally distributed DVD series and countrywide recognition!

In February 2012, Rave X decided that the Maine mall was a thing of the past and moved to Western Avenue in South Portland.  We were hoping to get back the feel of the Gray store but with a higher amount of foot traffic.  With 10,000 friends on Facebook, a 3,000 person database and a great customer service track record, we are ready to rock.  After three months on Western Ave. we have seen a tremendous improvement in business from the mall and have gained back a ton of great hardcore riders.  This will be our best move to date! 

Today, Ralph and Dave still continue to make the dream grow with great employees.  As long as they have great customers they will be here to stay!

If you made it this far in the message, we thank you for coming to our store and helping us grow the name and our brand.  Check out Facebook or our websites, or for more information.

If your down with the movement, then start to follow us on 


Ralph and his wife, Melissa

Dave and his wife, Melissa

Nate, Manager

Travis Philpot, Co-founder

Travis Charette, OG moto team and employee

E Man, employee
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